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Google Adsense Service

What Is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a legitimate shortcut for many online publishers because it allows them access to hundreds of thousands of online advertisers. If you're an Adsense publisher, advertisers run their ad on your site and when a visitor clicks on it, you earn money

Google Adsense is one of the most commonly used advertising platforms in the Internet industry today, with millions of publishers worldwide. Every web property, whether small or large-scale, is making money online with AdSense. Is your web property among them?

A single click can earn anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars, depending on your niche. If you are looking for the easiest and the most profitable pay-per-click ad program, then AdSense is the best.

Types of Ads

Now let’s briefly take a look at the main types of ads available to publishers looking to shift to an AdSense alternative.

Targeted Text Ads: These ads are text-based and are usually found in groups. They are targeted to match the site’s content or the search phrase that was used on a search engine to bring them to your site’s page.

In-Text: These style of ads popup when you hover over selected text phrases with your mouse. A small box pops up and usually contains either image, text or video as well as the ad’s link.

Display: Display ads contain images, headlines, body text and other elements used to get a viewer’s attention. Sizes range from eighth page to full page ads.

Banner: These are your typical image ads you see on many sites. They can be just the image or an image with a text line above or below it. Sizes range from button size to half page and come in all orientations.