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Blackberry App Development Company

Sulogy presents Android Application Development which is believed to be the next big technological wonder in the fiercely competitive smart phone market. Android is an open source platform to develop smart phone applications. Due to its immense popularity and wider reach among masses, the use of Android applications is all set for exponential growth in near future. Android users are able to choose from 2 Million apps on the Google Play Store. These stats are a blessing to all the current businesses and enterprises if they want to get ahead in the conversion and traffic race.

Blackberry Mobile App Development

The BlackBerry Java Development Environment (JDE), which combines an SDK, an IDE, and a set of simulators, has tortured developers for years. This Swing-based application gets the job done, but it employs a user interface that screams 1994, perplexing debugging, and inconsistent keyboard shortcuts. It does offer the advantage of a single download that contains all you need to develop and debug on the simulator and the device, but using it can be quite painful.

Customized Blackberry Mobile App Development

The BlackBerry landscape changed when RIM announced a custom plugin for Eclipse that combined the features of their custom JDE with the ease-of-use of Eclipse. The latest version of the BlackBerry Java Plugin runs on Eclipse 3.5 and has been embraced by developers. You can read instructions for installing the plugin at blackberry.com.